I grew up waterskiing on the North side of Lake Lanier in Dawsonville, GA. I first started slalom skiing around the age of 10 and after that enjoyed teaching my friends how to water ski.

So, when it came time to choosing a college, a waterski team was up on the list of things to consider. My short list of Auburn, Clemson, and possibly Florida included really established clubs. When Georgia Tech accepted me, I found out that they had once had a competitive team but weren’t actively competing. Not saying no to a challenge, I learned more about competitive waterskiing and gave the team a kick start to 5 competitors.

In an amazing accomplishment, 4 of the GT team qualified and attended the Eastern Regionals national tournament in the Spring of 2009. I qualified for trick and jump.

I enjoy water skiing very often these days. A good week is 2-4 days a week.  I’ve continued as an alumni trying to help encourage more GT students to compete in tournaments and ski more often. Molding young students is a very rewarding experience and I have a great variety of skills to encourage them on.

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