The debt ceiling and math

It’s not just math, describing it as so demonstrates that you have little understanding of either economics or history. I know, you’re a junior representative or senior senator and want to make it simple for your constituents. But stop, you’rebreminding the rest of us how ineffective congress is. Why does the deficit and debt ceiling […]

Street Vendors in Atlanta

At st Charles open breakfast this morning we discussed some of the possible takes on street vending spurring from the new Yumbii group and asking about what legal issues it might face in different cities. Competition against other businesses that are paying property taxes. Aka a street cart selling eggs, toast and coffee in front […]

Health Care Email : Competition

I may have gone a little overboard on this as it\’s 3am in the morning and a 1 paragraph email turned into several pages. ———————————– Open competition for insurance is part of what the problem in the insurance industry is today! In the mid and late 80s insurance companies were paying out >95% of their […]