Venture Capital

Today in my computing and society class, a founding partner from came and told us about realizing our dreams and not being afraid to start our own companies. He gave examples of investors (Family, Angels, and Venture Capitalists) and the the environment with the necessities.

I\’ve been asked what I want to do when I graduate by a lot of people. I\’m still not really sure what I want to do when I grow up, but I have some ideas. The most major, concentration, minor ideas that I have that relate the most to the GT Student Foundation are to be an analyst at an investment bank — and I further extend that to its \”lower\” level of being an analyst and eventually lead at a venture capital firm. This last year made me realize that I am very interested in marketing — supposedly sports marketing. FInally, potential backup plans could be some years with international teaching (or the peace corp?) or to even be a teacher in the states because influencing interested students how to rock at life seems like it would be neat (plus it happens everywhere and has some vacation so it has its perks that way.)

Here is what would make me great for the ibank / venture capital life:

  • I\’ve run my own \”company\” before :: I\’ve negotiated contracts for contracting work (I kind of need to work on this) — but have marketed myself, networked, and had real results. ALong with realizing the expenses of overhead.
  • I\’ve been in some successful startups (Elgia and ItsMedia). I worked with one lady who turned an idea and 3 person company into two companies with more than 15 employees. I also did the small web company in Norcross to realize what I don\’t like.
  • ItsMedia tried an international startup
  • I have many ideas that I may or may not realize — but that I work out and tell others about
  • I have a critical, bouncy, and dreamy imagination that helps me evaluate technologies based on current ones and uniqueness and how realistic ideas are.
  • I have some leadership skills
  • I know how the stock market works and performs with gains and losses.

An Awesome 21st Birthday

I have the unfortunate circumstance of being almost a year older than most of my friends, which means that I did not really get to have the 21st birthday party that I wanted because none of them could go to bars. Luckily, I have enjoyed some of their 21st birthday parties where we\’ve had a lot of fun.

The first really fun 21st birthday non house party that I went to was Joey\’s, we went to moon dogs with some friends and girls and had a really great time. We had several pitchers of beer, and then I moved onto the black Russians. I think that I had such a good time because so many friends were there — and I got significantly drunk, and there was dancing, good beer flavors, loud music and tons of fun. I also had the pleasure of joining our table of mostly guys with another table of mostly girls despite being so innebriated. I also got her number. On the car ride back my head was bouncing from the back seat and Joanna\’s lap to the ceiling to which I headed back to my cold home as we had turned the heat down since everybody was away.

This last Friday was another great one. Danny B decided to go to Atlanta Brewing Company and then to the highlands. The brewing company was a blast! They had tastey thick beer and we got to see all of the machinery they use to make good beer. Then we went to Rays… and then to Highlands to an Irish pub where Danny got so trashed that he passed out at the pub and puked in the cab. It was a grand ole\’ time.

My Brother Tried Linux

The Reason

So this last weekend, my brother was visiting from Washington State, and inconveniently enough his windows laptop started gettinga blue screen of death as it booted up. Apparently, windows update had automatically installed an update that did not work for his computer and he needed a Windows cd with a recovery console which he obviously didn\’t have access to.

My brother is also a bit of a by the books person and demands that his computer be up to date with everything, windows update,. anti virus, a strong firewall, and anything else — which makes this even more satisfying — that when you try hard it can break things.

My Solution

So we are at my parents\’ house and they don\’t have a Windows XP disk either. I recommend that maybe Dan try booting from USB to Ubuntu — unfortunately, his Dell custom bios in a 2ghz P4 did not have an option to boot from bios! How!

Anyway, so he downloaded and burned the cd, which loaded amazingly fast on his 2gb of ram and to which he happily saw that everything worked, even his hardline ethernet that he had somehow turned off in overally strict firewall configuration, and his wireless cards which appear to be the driver that got updated.

He also thought that it was amazing to have a live cd, the wireless setup so easy, and everything to just work and be somewhat intuitive, especially with firefox in beta.

But Freedom Require Flexibility

Soon he was considering installing Ubuntu in another partition, but wanted to know if he could run his Norton system utilities in wine! This was very frustrating, and hard to explain, but he basically wanted to use only what he was used to, and basically said that he was going to switch back to Windows immediately only because he wanted to use the things that he was familiar with. Anyway, I came back to the city and grabbed a Windows CD to which he quickly cowered back to — to run his Norton checks, de-fragmentation, and service pack 3 updates.

Flexibility in Perspective

The world has only been using Windows XP since 2003, and 32bit Windows for 13 years. Despite the newer graphical user interfaces of Kde/Gnome/OSX that have shown themselves to be be more intuitive and easy for the unadapted people fixed in their ways are still afraid of change, despite the idea that that change might be better.