Mock Interview

It has been since I moved (and therefore have a different, wireless connection all of the time) that I have written a post about my life. But I\’m in CS classes again this semester and have recently gotten into twitter like mad crazy. I like taking CS classes and expressing that geek in me.


So, in a relatively big update since I was writing before, that dating relationship from earlier got pretty serious, and then fizzled out. Its been a little rough letting that one go, it\’s the very definition of complicated. But I\’m having fun at bars and such, I just never call the girls after I get their number… I think because I want to avoid actually going out with somebody that I met at a bar. I guess that I\’ll need to get over that.

During and after that relationship though I started getting my artsy side on and plan on doing even more. This picture is from a family photoshoot (my dad actually took this one) for Christmas. I\’ve also entered into acrylics and have a few more ideas that I want to try. I really got into photography, and for Christmas bought myself a wide angle lens that is difficult not to use.

Around November I started trading options with stocks and found a pretty good income strategy (selling covered calls) assuming a stagnant or only slightly moving market. I have the pleasure of saying that I made $1600 in one day, but lost the gains the next week 🙁 using cool strategies call strangles and straddles.

So today I had a mock interview which I don\’t really understand the purpose of, other than they can openly critique you, but the pressure really wasn\’t that off when I went there. I\’m still at qualms about what I want to do, if I were to get job offers, I\’m not sure which ones I would choose.  Part of me wants to go to teach English for (somewhat meager) pay in China, Korea, or Chile and then be able to retire as a part time web designer / photographer from saved capital in my covered call account (see above.) It just seems as though the finance sector is swollen… and hard to get into, and consulting just doesn\’t seem like a job much more than freelancing.

I plan on graduating in May. Wish me luck.

Reach Out And Touch Somebody

Tonight, as I was going to go watch 21 at flicks on fifth (public street viewing of a movie), seemingly alone I ate at Moe\’s. I decided to jump into converstaion with the person standing next to me, a Fuze drink marketer giving out free samples. We were both just so starving to reach out and occupy eachother\’s time!

It\’s amazing to reach out of your box and strike an authentic conversation uo with the other people.

Homework: Start a conversation with somebody when you are otherwise bored. More than likely they want to talk but are just as scared.

What are we doing (U.S. In Iraq)

Today Iraq came out demanding time tables from the U.S., and issue that the U.S. has been debating (and hoping to resolve in the upcoming election.) So if Iraq doesn\’t want us to stay longer — how is the U.S. occupation a democratic mission as opposed to imperialistic? Iraq PM demands U.S. timelines

I\’m going to go so far as to say that this completely changes most of what the November 2008 election is based on (well issue wise.) If McCain and the republicans decide to erk toward time tables then their position will be coming very close to being as defined as the democratic \”We must have timelines.\”

Out goes the window that we could be in IRAQ for 100 or 1000 years (McCain) without the U.S. officially occupying an unwilling IRAQ.

My stance has been that since Mission accomplished and elections put in a de facto, accepted government in Iraq that the U.S. should remove itself.

This issue has a very important role in our country. Without our huge war expenses, the U.S. saves money and can issue fewer bonds, making the dollar stronger. Increasing stability / leaving the region makes it less likely that oil prices will fluctuate based on politics and whether there are timelines or not.

I say withdraw troops as soon as possible. Keep a base or two in the country sure (I mean we do it everywhere else;) a base is afterall a defendable position rather than just walking the streets of a city.


Most people and web sites see dating and relating as having a set of rules and regulations that you shouldn\’t let the other person know too much about you at one time and that you should follow set rules on a per date basis. But dating should be fun, and if you go on a good date you shouldn\’t be afraid to reveal your whole self.

The girl that I am currently dating is unlike any other — completely unrestricted — which at first was difficult to handle. There she was on the first date talking about her ex boyfriends, talking to me about life, and quickly reaching that cute physical level (she wiped a piece of lettuce off my face as we were eating.)

I like seeing boundaries being pushed and I like breaking boundaries. Dating should be fun — go out and push some boundaries.

(Note this is not me telling you to have a one night stand — it may even be the opposite)

United States of Leland(Movie)

About four years ago I saw the preview for the United States of Leland. Check out the US of Leland Trailer on Youtube. Anyway, tonight, Owen had it from Netflix.

It\’s a deep storyline that tracks perspectives, humanity, humanity\’s failures, religion, and moral compasses. It has Ryan Gosling, Don Cheadle, Ozstriker from American Pie, and many of the actors from Saved.

It is a success in really getting you to think about life and what you see in other people; but it doesn\’t really suggest any answers.The viewer is constantly lost in the confusion of the events of the story (like in Crash) and the seemingly unemotional simplicity of Leland.

Do other people see electricity or sadness in your eyes? What is in your life? Do you manipulate others? Do you cheat on your wife? Are you lost in a false reality (drugs)? Does there have to be a why?

There are two ways to see life, the optimistic/pessimistic ways where you see what is happening as good or bad and ignore the other — and then the real way when you take the unemotional look and see the good and the bad and what is really happening.

Sorry if I ruined the movie some, but you should check it out because it will make you think. It will make you wonder about how life works and how you lie to yourself.

Mostly the movie should help you empathize with the results of your actions and what others are feeling. So next time when you are talking to your kids, talking with alleged criminals, being sympathetic to disabled people, or picking teams for volleyball — think about how it would make you feel. The golden rule says to treat others as you would like to be treated many people preach it, but few people do — few people realize the real results of their actions.

\”I\’m only human man\”

\”It\’s funny how you only hear people say that after they\’ve done something bad. I mean, you don\’t hear somebody say they\’re only human when they save somebody from a buring building.