Habitat Thailand: concrete floor

Yesterday, we poured concrete to create a floor for the house. My task was mostly lifting and carrying 50kg bags of concrete mix closer to the mixing bowls. We made great time on the day and finished earlier than expected, a bit of a blocker because we can’t work on the walls as we wait for the floor to dry overnight.

Lifting form.was important for me because if you lifted with your back all day, you’d be in trouble. Indeed few others on the work site would even attempt to carry the bags on their own. The good news is though it’s my legs and shoulders which are sore and not my back. Remember, your thighs are strong, when lifting, prefer weight on them instead of elsewhere.

For dinner, we ate at Riverside restaurant. I’m still trying to make my food here as spicy as the King and I in Atlanta, but even asking for Thai spicy and the extra pepper sauce has not been successful. It’s funny because the servers chuckle when you add spice thinking that you will burn up.

We also made it to the Regina on the river antiques, lodging, bar, and cat lounge for the cat lovers in the group to have some cuddly time.

Habitat Thailand starting to Build

After our cultural activity yesterday, we had an orientation to learn what we needed about the site, team, and safety. Which meant that today, Wednesday was our first day of building.

As soon as we arrived, we met the husband and wife that would be living in the home we are building, and the exciting news is that they will be building with us all week long. We also have some of the local habitat staff and members mentors helping us a bunch.

Today was about the floor and septic tank. Kevin, Matt, DuPon and I did the majority of the digging of a septic hole, it was a 1m wide, 1m deep, 2 meter long hope to fit two concrete cylinders that will house waste as it breaks down. Luckily for me, it’s all empty right now.

The house is located near rice parties and this seems like old farmland being transformed into a new Thai neighborhood.

The other task was to shovel fine dirt from mounds into the foundation of the house, establishing a base to our concrete on tomorrow.

It was warm and I built up a nice sweat.



Habitat Thailand Day One

I arrived on Monday afternoon to Chang Mai and met up with my roommate and team lead at the Royal Llana hotel where we did a team dinner and got to know everybody. There is a lot of diversity on the team, about 1/2 live outside the United States permanently andbtravel much more regularly than I do. There is a good collection of young, middle aged, and older people on the trip.



On Tuesday, we did our cultural activity, a bit strange given that we are still getting to know our team and especially our Thai hosts, and have little to celebrate yet. Though understanding the hill people and Buddhism is probably of great importance of working with local volunteers, contractors, and the people we will be building houses for. One surprise is how many tourists there are here, from many Western countries.




Uber Eats

As Uber raised more money today, I decided to try them for a cheap lunch. They’re new to Atlanta and doing some promotions.

They offered 3 options in the Atlanta Market, a burger, a chicken salad sandwich, and a soup. I like Yeah! Burger so that’s what I went with.


The burger was about as expected, a basic double burger with cheddar, onions, and  pickles. One issue I see with this is that my Yeah! order is more typically specialized with different sauces, jam, and even bacon. I’m also not sure why ordering a drink with Uber wasn’t an option.

It makes sense how this can scale, by limiting the food selection and limiting the geographic area to certain office areas (that are high density) you can limit the need to pickup fresh food and increase the amount of orders served. It’s also quicker than a custom order such as Zifty, PostMates, Glovo, or Grubhub.

Have you ordered it yet?

SidePrize Pitches at the LA Dodgers Accelerator

Adam Wexler Pitching SidePrize
Adam Wexler Pitching SidePrize

Tuesday was the culmination of 3 months of work and mentoring with the LA Dodgers R/GA Accelerator for SidePrize. It finished with a bang at Dodger’s Stadium where 10 companies presented to investors, mentors, media, and others interested in sports technology .

SidePrize hops on the growing Fantasy Football market to keep more fans engaged over more of the season. SidePrize ensures that Winners Get Paid, and Friendships Get Saved.

The presentation included the story of their growth from baseball season with 1 provider to Football season with 5 external integrations (especially impressive are those with Yahoo, ESPN) with a future goal to cover all major US Sports (adding on Basketball, NHL, and eventually MLS).

Adam Wexler also talked about active leagues, specifically, The Saratoga Elite, that has been enjoying using SidePrize. New Rivalries have formed. Involvement is higher than ever. The smack talk, and side challenges are keeping the league members involved, communicating, and winning. It will be interesting if the company continues to see this kind of interaction.

I’m an employee with them, I have a fantasy team, and I’ve introduced friends to fantasy sports. The additional taunting is great. The focus on relationships and engagement over money draws me in. Are you playing every week with your friends?