Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

#tgim I know I don't have a normal schedule, but Mondays have fun work/meetings for me incl SOB @starvingfree @jefftougas @moneyisJuAnIdea # @Google should buy gnash (and finish it) so that Linux/Unix users don't have to switch to windows to view the #u2webcast and takeover flash # Check out my ideas4all idea (vote for […]

Health Care and Media

In high school, I learned a lot about how our culture and media reflect the deep longings of society. It\’s kind of late at night and TBS / Peachtree TV have been running some old movies that they have rights to occasionally – The Rainmaker and John Q.  John Q is the newest one and […]

Glee Is Funny / My High School Dream

With Glee, Fox has managed to just about even up my interest in TV shows as with my favorite Thursday nights on NBC. This will make investing in GE in the future much more difficult. So, I imagine that most people reading this never saw the Pilot, admittedly, I didn\’t see it until after seeing […]