The Real \”Communist\” Threat to the U.S.A. (Afghanistan)

Imagine a world super power being at War backing the less-Islamic-fundamentalist political power in Afghanistan for 9 years. Imagine thousands of soldiers dieing and ultimately very little progress being made in securing or protecting the people of Afghanistan. Imagine this super power effectively going bankrupt fighting this \”war.\” I Present You With 1979-1988 AND 2001-2009. […]

What are we doing (U.S. In Iraq)

Today Iraq came out demanding time tables from the U.S., and issue that the U.S. has been debating (and hoping to resolve in the upcoming election.) So if Iraq doesn\’t want us to stay longer — how is the U.S. occupation a democratic mission as opposed to imperialistic? Iraq PM demands U.S. timelines I\’m going […]

Ron Paul Drops Out — Impeachment? — Politics

Interesting news recently in the fields of Politics. Ron Paul, the person who I voted for and supported for the Republican Nomination finally dropped out today to begin a new \’Campaign for Liberty\’ that will mostly focus on the same topics as his campaign and books – seeking the liberty and truth that we really […]