Worries about the coupon craze

The online group buying craze started by groupon and scoutmob and both are seeing legitimate funding opportunities, growing their staffs, and most telling raising controversy and praise. Let’s not forget a growing market of competition. Recessionary My greatest fear is the recessionary nature of coupons. Businesses won’t be as willing offer discounts when people are […]

Not Every Company Needs a One Liner

Last night I went to a tweetup at the Glenn Hotel, and somebody asked me for the one liner pitch of both Pardot and TAG, but I\’m not on a sales or business development team I\’m not looking for angel or VC funding. While I appreciate that sales people or most CEOs need to be […]

Interview Tomorrow

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! I have an interview at nCircle tomorrow and I can\’t seem to sleep. I\’m going to be doing a presentation on Linux Software Raids because they relate a lot to servers running and could relate to security I suppose. Wish me luck. I\’ve been working on RHS TAG a lot […]