The debt ceiling and math

It’s not just math, describing it as so demonstrates that you have little understanding of either economics or history. I know, you’re a junior representative or senior senator and want to make it simple for your constituents. But stop, you’rebreminding the rest of us how ineffective congress is. Why does the deficit and debt ceiling […] Critic (And the Like)

I hate to be critical of running startups, because I\’ve never raise $500 of capital, much less $500k of capital like InstaGram, but, I\’m going to because somebody asked on Quora about Flickr failing to get into the mobile single post image game. Facebook and twitter apps work much better for me.

Worries about the coupon craze

The online group buying craze started by groupon and scoutmob and both are seeing legitimate funding opportunities, growing their staffs, and most telling raising controversy and praise. Let’s not forget a growing market of competition. Recessionary My greatest fear is the recessionary nature of coupons. Businesses won’t be as willing offer discounts when people are […]