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RHOK ATL Dec 2011

Random Hacks of Kindness is an event where programmers and technical people get together and help solve real world problems that help humanity – Safety, Health, Medical Response, Disaster Relief. In Atlanta, we had groups work with a CDC suggestion to help report and solve polio, safe streets to keep people in safe areas, and more.

Stop Hiding Your Unsubscribe

Contrary to many marketers beliefs, the unsubscribe link should not be considered the bane of regulation. Make it loud and proud – you want to be the first, not the last to learn why somebody doesn’t want your email. Critic (And the Like)

I hate to be critical of running startups, because I\’ve never raise $500 of capital, much less $500k of capital like InstaGram, but, I\’m going to because somebody asked on Quora about Flickr failing to get into the mobile single post image game. Facebook and twitter apps work much better for me.

Cohosting Atlanta BarCamp 4

This Friday will be the 4th annual Atlanta BarCamp , hosted at the Atdc and hosted by myself and Sam @samsm. I …

On Firefox 3.6 Today

Recently, I\’ve been experimenting with a lot of the new HTML 5 specifications with web forms, javascript, and video. In addition, new …