Stephen is a mid twenties adventurer living in the city of Atlanta, working as a software engineer and involved in his several hobbies and interests.

Stephen graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2009 with a Bachelors of Science in Management, with a certificate in Finance, and a minor in Computer Science.

Water Skiing is a sport that Stephen enjoys so much that he continues to do so most months of the year (March – December) and offers himself as an advisor and coach to the GT Water Ski club as they go to tournaments and face the competition and business decisions that come along with the club. In 2009, Stephen attended the National Collegiate Water Ski Association’s All Star’s (National) tournament for the events trick and jump. Stephen immensely enjoys slalom skiing and tricking on Lakes Sidney Lanier, Allatoona, and Martin.

As a member of the Sports Car Club of America and friends with several car enthusiasts, Stephen enjoys auto-crossing and time trial racing at tracks and set up courses.┬áSurprisingly, this does not mean that he like driving in the city — and especially not driving fast or dangerously. Friends have described his driving as grandmother like with fancy footwork. ┬áHe does all of this in a BMW 330i – what he considers a nice mix of sport performance, practicality (reasonable maintenance and 33mpg), and premium features.

Stephen is also scuba certified, a stock and options trader, Georgia Tech Football fan, entrepreneur, engineering mind (programming, car maintenance, etc)

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