I’m a little anxious, mostly about the changes to life for the future and how long these changes might last. How many events are being cancelled.

I’m a little bit anxious because I’ve been social distancing for the last week and a couple days. Some people still want to shake hands. How can I ask my waiter to not touch my cup every time i want a refill?

I’m a little prepared. I have seasonal allergies, so I have some air filters around. I happened to have started researching uv-c as a way to kill bacteria and viruses better than a washing machine (3 months ago – prior to this virus).

I can social distance. I have projects personal and work that require no personal interaction. Boat projects, car projects, technology projects. I can stimulate the economy by buying these.

Other thoughts; I need to get lettuce growing in my garden. Waterski is a good sport for social distancing, as long as you don’t load the boat with people (one of the more fun parts)