2020 Environment Action Plan

Inspired by Rachel Edelman, a post on Facebook

  1. Intentionally follow Meatless Mondays
    (This may mean Smoothies, Soylent, etc for lunches)
  2. Intentionally choose slower shipping on Amazon.
    (Even though I pay for Prime, at least they give me $1 digital items)
    (may also include grouping orders more intentionally)
  3. Intentionally offset my carbon from flying and boating though green charities
    (I did this last year with a donation to cooleffect.org)
  4. Be More Proactive About Recycling / Composting / Reducing
    1. Better Aluminum Can and Water Bottle Collection when visiting my parents (who live in a county without recycling)
    2. Research Composting my coffee grounds more effectively.
      1. Side Goal, make more cold brew for my gf instead of her Starbucks and Stok purchases
    3. More prep to increase effectiveness of recycling
      1. Removing Labels and rings where possible (Hi Milk, Stok Bottles)
  5. Shop at the Farmer’s Market / Locally More Often
  6. Eat More Veggies