Non SSD Budget Laptops

My girlfriend recently purchased a new personal laptop – on a budget. But!, she didn’t follow my #1 piece of advice, “Make Sure It Has An SSD”

Well, on day 1 of using it, it was already untenable; it took 60s to launch Google Chrome. It took over a minute to boot – and you had to wait for the start menu to load when it did.

She returned it, said, the Best Buy person knew immediately what she was talking about when she said it was slow, and did recommend the similar model, except with the SSD this time.

This is not my first experience with this; My parents suffer through the same thing. Do they find it frustrating? Most of the time. Do they take my advice to get an SSD? nope, too much hassle.

This leaves me wondering; if, over the last 5 years, I’ve seen this happen with immediate connections, if that budget laptop was brand new from Best Buy (and advertised), there must be people¬†who do not return the slow laptop, who do not upgrade to an SSD. Do they just think it’s the current state of computing for Chrome to take 60s to start? Do they think computers are slower today than they were 10-15 years ago?(because apps have swollen because developers think the baseline is ssd? and ram is plentiful)

I talked this over at work – a technology. Of course, we’ve all been working on laptops (mostly Macbook Pros or Airs) over the last decade; we mostly launch things like Chrome and IDs, and search every file in a project all of the time — so we’ve mostly had SSDs. Some of us have a desktop rig at home – and even then, if it’s not an SSD it’s a 7200rpm, or faster, hard drive.

Protip, buy an ssd.

There are countless youtube videos timing the same hardware with different storage types