You Were Already Paying for Someone Else’s Healthcare

With the United States House of Representatives passing a “repeal” of the ACA “Obamacare” with AHCA “Republicare” the Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter comments look like this

But I think that just indicates the short memories we have, or “How We Got Here”. Let’s look at some of the things that brought about healthcare reform

There are multiple ways the macro citizen pays for health care

  • Increased Mortality leads to lower GDP
  • Increased bankruptcies due to Emergency Room treatments people can’t afford (a hospital has to charge paying customers more to make the same profit)
  • Difficulty in Transferring Jobs (because Insurance costs are tied to employment) (limits wage growth)
  • Increased sick days leads to lower GDP
  • Reactive care is more expensive than proactive care.
  • Decreased Response Times in the ER
  • Emergency Room treatment is more expensive (higher stress job with more demand)
  • High insurance costs

Let’s just remember that Health Expense increases were a problem before ACA “Obamacare”; that they were a problem in the 90s and 60s just as well.