I’ve been at 7 companies now that have practiced “scrum” stand-ups. Too many times, the stand-up becomes becomes a monotonous routine that has a barely participating audience – or used by as a way to micromanage exacting hours and tasks out of the team.

Yesterday, I was in Meetings.


An indicator that I’ve seen on several of the teams that I have been on has been the day after a day spent in scrum meetings – the team goes around the circle repeating that yesterday they were in planning meetings.

Were You Even Listening?

My worst experience with scrum stand-ups was where I was brought in, they were so boring that nobody was listening to anybody else. It was literally a meeting where people were barely awake and didn’t expect to talk to one another. Things that they said were for the scrum master to write down and share each task (and hour) with management.

Let’s Make It Better…………

Yesterday, I Won Fantasy Football


One thing that Pardot brought from Hannon Hill I’ve continued to push (because most of my teams believe in a strong work life balance) is to share Heroes and Hassles┬áin and out of work. Sharing frustrations with traffic yesterday and the joys of attending a baseball game and seeing the home team win (other examples, great workout, funny tv show) helps a team personalize each other

How Can I Help You With That?

My team now is mastering asking how we can work together or finding out how things relate. A casual paired programming setup encourages this, and it’s the whole idea of scrum, working with others to get closer to the goal. I want my teammates to tell me passionately about the decisions they are making while coding – and I want to ask questions, especially if it’s something I can learn from (we can all always learn from another way of thinking), or issues and decisions that will affect me.

You want to pick that up? But I wanted to! Oh I guess those are related [stories]

I’m working really close to that code, watch out for this….

With ruthless transparency in mind, if standup doesn’t help you ask a question or get involved, then challenge it..