Habitat Thailand: concrete floor

Yesterday, we poured concrete to create a floor for the house. My task was mostly lifting and carrying 50kg bags of concrete mix closer to the mixing bowls. We made great time on the day and finished earlier than expected, a bit of a blocker because we can’t work on the walls as we wait for the floor to dry overnight.

Lifting form.was important for me because if you lifted with your back all day, you’d be in trouble. Indeed few others on the work site would even attempt to carry the bags on their own. The good news is though it’s my legs and shoulders which are sore and not my back. Remember, your thighs are strong, when lifting, prefer weight on them instead of elsewhere.

For dinner, we ate at Riverside restaurant. I’m still trying to make my food here as spicy as the King and I in Atlanta, but even asking for Thai spicy and the extra pepper sauce has not been successful. It’s funny because the servers chuckle when you add spice thinking that you will burn up.

We also made it to the Regina on the river antiques, lodging, bar, and cat lounge for the cat lovers in the group to have some cuddly time.