Habitat Thailand starting to Build

After our cultural activity yesterday, we had an orientation to learn what we needed about the site, team, and safety. Which meant that today, Wednesday was our first day of building.

As soon as we arrived, we met the husband and wife that would be living in the home we are building, and the exciting news is that they will be building with us all week long. We also have some of the local habitat staff and members mentors helping us a bunch.

Today was about the floor and septic tank. Kevin, Matt, DuPon and I did the majority of the digging of a septic hole, it was a 1m wide, 1m deep, 2 meter long hope to fit two concrete cylinders that will house waste as it breaks down. Luckily for me, it’s all empty right now.

The house is located near rice parties and this seems like old farmland being transformed into a new Thai neighborhood.

The other task was to shovel fine dirt from mounds into the foundation of the house, establishing a base to our concrete on tomorrow.

It was warm and I built up a nice sweat.