As Uber raised more money today, I decided to try them for a cheap lunch. They’re new to Atlanta and doing some promotions.

They offered 3 options in the Atlanta Market, a burger, a chicken salad sandwich, and a soup. I like Yeah! Burger so that’s what I went with.


The burger was about as expected, a basic double burger with cheddar, onions, and  pickles. One issue I see with this is that my Yeah! order is more typically specialized with different sauces, jam, and even bacon. I’m also not sure why ordering a drink with Uber wasn’t an option.

It makes sense how this can scale, by limiting the food selection and limiting the geographic area to certain office areas (that are high density) you can limit the need to pickup fresh food and increase the amount of orders served. It’s also quicker than a custom order such as Zifty, PostMates, Glovo, or Grubhub.

Have you ordered it yet?