Before coming out to LA, I explored Groupon for some great experiences to enjoy that would be great experiences to enjoy this coast. I settled on 3. Rappelling down waterfalls, an Italian dinner, and paddle boarding.


Paddle boarding is a relaxing workout where you can stretch some muscles, practice your posture and braiding, and explore waterways. It’s great for breathing and relaxation, some people do it for hardcore workouts out surfing too. Between paddle boarding an kayaking there isn’t a much easier way to explore cities on the coast.

Some innate balancing is useful, that hand eye coordination, but mainly realizing that each action has a reaction from the board.

Remember to take those deep breaths and stretch out. 🙂


Rappelling down waterfalls is something I’ve never experienced ( all of the rappelling and climbing I’ve done in the southeast was dry.) We got to go down 3 of them. We started with a drive up a mountain, then a hike up another 1500 ft to 6300 feet. We walked a thin trail with risks of rock slides (they don’t go when it rains) to get to our first waterfall. A goat was just chilling eating on some of the plants above us. Getting down the waterfalls was cold when the sun was hidden, but not as slippery or dangerous and you might think. Definitely a cool experience.

The Angeles National Park was beautiful, we could see the mountains around us lit up by the sun with a bit of a tree line, you could see where water runs off and where snow groups up.

Life is about experiences, make sure you seek them.

On the Groupons, this was a great way to find outfitters that I would have otherwise needed to search for and have known that I absolutely wanted to do rather than do because they were on a curated website. They were definitely steals, especially since I bought them with 20% off. Unfortunately, since I’m traveling, they won’t really convert me to being a long term customer (unless I come back to LA)