Pool Parties and Celebrities

A cool part about being in LA is that I get to be a tourist or partier and see some great LA sights and potentially celebrities.

An event that I went to last weekend was an artist’s ( Spencer Mar) presentation at the Mondrian Hotel Pool Party. This was a fun time to splash around in a pool, tell people about why I’m in LA and act casual around some celebrities.

People were really receptive and loved talking about fantasy (and loved talking to me). … And I look good in a bathing suit, so I had a little fan club of people wanting pictures with me (that or they thought I knew the NBA player that was joking back and forth with me.)

I also got to find a company party from San Francisco that had a similar concept as Doorstat (another company in the accelerator) except not thinking about it from a sports technology perspective, maybe they’ll give me a call and I can connect them.