Intel and Intelligent Appliances

On Wednesday Shasha Jain from Intel came to visit the accelerator and share a library of hardware devices that might be able to be used with some of the teams – particularly those tracking athletes – and possibly those tracking consumer behavior at games.

One of my favorite project based classes at the Georgia Institute of Technology was Developing Intelligent Appliances – and these type of sensors would be extremely useful.

Generic Intel Inside with exposed silicon
Generic Intel Inside with exposed silicon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Real Sense Camera
    This camera does 3d imaging and even has some ability to detect density and heat.
  • Basis Watches
    I really want to check these out because I used the Sleep as a Droid Sleep Tracker and a soft alarm timed with my sleep cycle is a better wakeup
  • Intel Edison Board
    for quick sensor access on an arduino + dual atom chips for hardcore processing
  • Intel Quark
    Motion sensing xyz accelerometer with pattern recognition

One project the quark or an arduino (with some pattern recognition) that I would like to prototype is a Waterski Jump Sensor. Currently, jump measuring requires 3 camera angles or 3 sights set up to triangulate a position – by using a sensor on a ski, we could drastically better jump practice and tournaments. (and GPS just isn’t accurate enough for this.)

What intelligent appliances do you dream of? Who would they help?