Back. And meeting with Don Cornwell

I’m back in Los Angeles and meeting with mentors and being involved with the company and staff here with r/ga and the LA Dodgers.

On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of talking with Don Cornwell in a group discussion about sports technology and monetization.


One thing that stuck was that fans are playing clash of clans when watching games from home instead of focusing on the game. Similarly, Mark Cuban resists WiFi at Mavericks games because it distracts users from the experience – beyond social sharing.

Don is also known for playing some poker and other risky games, and had a definite opinion about the future of gambling and gaming. I’ve been a bit of a poker player around the Atlanta free roll scene, so I think that’s neat. He is investing in a European soccer version of Draft Kings, except all sorts of gambling is legal and open there, so its less a game of portfolio management.

Back to the future 2 at the Mondrian hotel in Beverly hills

An interesting thought that we are seeing from Draft Kings and Fan Duel is that the barrage of ads can’t last forever like it has this year and last year. Their marketing efforts are currently costing more in payouts than intake – and their ad spend is huge compared to their revenue.

We also talked about how gambling being illegal or grey outside of certain states, casinos, or Indian reservations doesn’t mean that legalization means that the entire market is favourable – that friends will continue to play friends at home l, or at freeroll tournaments.

This led me to think about what SidePrize can do to really emphasize that relationship,
and maybe get some friends to wear some team gear, enjoy a dinner / lunch together. Or maybe catch a game.

I’ve been making sue to enjoy LA some too. I also had a great uber pool experience last night (even though it took a bit longer)