A Run to the Marina


All of my friends from Atlanta have pointed out with their newest cold front that they are cooler than LA and everybody is looking forward to Football season. I’m looking forward to football season too, but it never feels like fall to me until homecoming (opening weekend is a sweaty sunburn in the works.)

Last night, I took an adventurous run through Marina Del Rey, managed to see some great bayside and magically navigated my way all the way back home. Sometimes when we work hard and long (startups) we forget to take in the beauty. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. I like working out and pushing myself through 5 miles gives me a meditation away from thinking about work.

Sitting on a dock was also a good way to take a breather.

At the LA Dodgers Accelerator with R/GA focused on the customer experiences, marketing, and the experiences in baseball with Stan Kasten and Jonathan Mariner.

At night we met with many of the mentors to hear about their thoughts on our startups. It was great pitch practice and I definitely botched at least one, but a constant pitch practice, even for the engineers is something that all of the meetings will come into.

From a team note, we’re starting to stink up the house as Michael Cone warned us about (6 guys in a house) but are surviving. I’m trying to wash some towels today for so fresh and so clean.

Another team note, I’m big about avoiding conflict and using effective meeting and debate strategies. By breaking out a google doc, writing down the issues and questions that everybody has, you can work out solutions with lists (everything gets written down, nothing written over). It also keeps the office quieter as people won’t be talking over each other as much – and gives people time to formulate their ideas. Do you find this effective for your team?