Day One of The Accelerator – Referrals

[peg-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”IMAG0061.jpg” image_size=”2048×1158″ ] The team has survived the first day of the LA Dodgers incubator. We had some great meetings today talking about the future of the product and thinking about synergies. We also managed to get some good code changes progressing through the pipeline.

The big event of the day (other than the picture above) was a QA session with Earvin who shared with us some of his business success stories. Some of that was his earlier ‘hustlin’ days when he made investments in TGI Fridays and Starbucks. He emphasized the importance of a strong magic brand that people will believe in, trust, and ultimately refer.

Referrals are going to be big for SidePrize because if we can get one person from a league, they will HAVE to share it to at least one other person and there is a desired outcome for every member (typically 10-12) in the league to join, which would make their Fantasy Football league the most exciting.

This encouraged me to do some sharing on Facebook and encourages me to share on my blog. Maybe I messaged you and encouraged you to join SidePrize.

Otherwise, we accidentally worked  a little late and didn’t have much evening time, except for a world traveler that came by to tell us stories and introduce us to a Concertina that he found amongst his travels in Europe. His nomadic lifestyle is intriguing. In a way, sharing stories and capturing attention is also related to referrals.

Sidenote: The Stock Market went down and the world was scared.

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