Have you ever played Fantasy Football before? Ever played in an NCAA tournament challenge with friends? At the end of June, I made a career transition to a new startup called SidePrize. SidePrize takes the same league that you have been playing with for years on Yahoo and ESPN fantasy sites and makes it more exciting. If you’re confident that your fantasy team is going to beat your buddy’s you can challenge them each week.

SidePrize Logo
Winners Get Paid. Friendships get Saved.
A Photo of the New Space Where We’ll Be Working

I came to Los Angeles this weekend. The big news is that SidePrize is a Startup Accelerator to accelerate us from an early product and early users to having very active users this NFL season. I’m confident that the ideas and people that we meet will lead us to be innovative and adventurous as we push forward on this company.  We’ll be working with the Program for 3 months, and it will involve substantial time in LA.

If you know me, have watched sports with me, follow me on twitter, you know that I can be a little competitive, but I can be even more hopeful for an exciting game/match/tournament. I go to a lot of Georgia Tech games (baseball, football especially)  and follow a lot of games each season. SidePrize is a great fit for me because it takes competition  and excitement to an action seeking behavior with friends that I know and talk to on a regular basis.

The program starts today and the team is already up and running (well, one of us is running, two of us are walking to the grocery store, and some of us are overcoming jet sleep)

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