T-Mobile Test Drive

Over Memorial Day weekend, I decided to try the TMobile test drive to check out their service and what real 4g speeds are like. I had a few reasons to do this

  • My Phone is Nearly 2 years old
  • Tmobile is really pushing the no contract thing (which is good for consumers)
  • International calling and data seems nice
  • I currently have Sprint and data speeds can seem abysmal, especially in low service conditions.

I chose this weekend because I would be traveling down interstate 85 for the holiday and through some interestingly small towns. Sure enough there were some areas where tmobile was not dissimilar than Sprint, it may have been reporting “edge” speeds, but this often meant no requests went through. But, Tmobile surprised me because, at some points, it would have 4g LTE service in the country, which was faster than DSL (and where Sprint data is roaming on Verizon and is super slow.)

Overall, I was impressed by tmobile’s coverage when compared to Sprint, but I’m not sure that I want to switch yet. The nice part about Sprint is that it roams on Verizon’s network, which means that even if I’m in the middle of nowhere (particularly when camping 30 miles from civilization), I’ll probably be able to call someone – granted, I don’t know that people are actually used to dealing with direction requests over the phone any more since data and gps and so ubiquitous, but there is some sense of safety there.

This gives me a lot of hope for Google’s TiSP, though, it still wouldn’t roam on Verizon, the 4g LTE coverage would probably be pretty thorough.

Ps. I also found out that I should never get an iphone 5s, it fell off of a counter and cracked the screen. My multiple androids have always been alive after years.