Cofounder Questions : Tell Me About a Time You Bought a Car

This would be a good interview question for a potential cofounder or employee in any area where owning a car is a potential or potential norm – and in areas where it’s a questionable decision (San Francisco, NYC, Downtown Atlanta) to find out more about a person’s overall thought process.

Tell me about a time that you bought a car.

  • Where did you look?
  • What features were you looking for?
  • What kind of research did you do?
  • Did you sell / trade in an existing car? Why did somebody buy it for the price that you set?
  • Do you regret the decision?

The goal here is to relate on a “basic” everybody has done it experience. There aren’t generically wrong answers – a need for heated seats or additional cup holders is a great answer. You learn how somebody evaluates their decision making process. You learn what makes a feature make it or break it. You learn how a person does research and who they rely on for that research.