Are you Feature Hunting

I was recently working with a startup developing a new product and trying to get some early sales. This company had started with a web application and had built on many extensive features, but added a mobile app to provide better mobile access. They had a big sale in the pipeline, but didn’t want to release it until a part of the Mobile app was ready.

The conclusion that I was able to draw is that the product was a vitamin, not a medicine.  If you have a “medicine” product, your customers need it and need it now – there is a feature that changes their bottom line or effectiveness. If you have a “vitamin” the efficacy of your product sounds good, and it might be good – but (to a more cynical point) it might be something that doesn’t show clear results and is only promising to better things. If your customer can delay using you, or if you are delaying deploying a customer, beware of this trap.

What products do you see as vitamins? Are they helping? How long will you keep taking them if they don’t deliver the promised effects?