Single Serve Coffee Kills Office Socialization

Five K-Cups
Five K-Cups (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been working in offices with a Keurig Coffee machine for the last several weeks and I have to admit that I feel like that old man missing the good ole’ days.

The coffeepot and water cooler created a culture, 4 people could go to the coffeepot at the same time and wait several minutes for it to brew fresh coffee. It often takes two to change the water cooler bottle.

But these days, we have “single-serve” Keurig machines and instant cold/hot water, and in large part it ruins the ‘talk by the the water cooler’ situation. I’m finding ways to try to maintain my socialization, but I’m also finding ways to drink better coffee.

As part of my “boycott” of Keurig, I’m french pressing, which is creating conversations in and of itself. And instead of non-recyclable plastic, I’m only gratuitously wasting water every time I rinse it out.

Do you have a favorite K-cup? Do you miss standard black coffee out of the drip machine? Would you know your office better if you spent a few extra minutes socializing over  a warm beverage?