Swarm killed my FourSquare Usage

Foursquare Logo
Foursquare Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To join the rest of the tech community, I’m going to make an additional post describing how Swarm missed my use case of FourSquare.

I’m Not Afraid of Eating Alone

I’m not sure if I ever saw that a friend was checked in on FourSquare and went to that place. I have had some unique social experiences, running into an unexpected (non-gt neighbor) friend at a GT Basketball game – or finding  that a friend had traveled to the same beach location as my other friends at the same time.

My use case for FourSquare is more basic though, I use it much like yelp. Rewards are a key aspect, Tips are useful, especially when from friends. I also want to leave tips (or just check-in) so that my friends can use me for the same reliable information.

Swarm Focuses on the Opposite

Instead of focusing on places, deals, or tips, Swarm sells these social interactions. In Swarm, I can only see where my friends are, I can’t see where my friends have checkin in in the past, I can’t see tips for a restaurant, I can’t see that they have a ScoutMob as easily when I check in.

This is a Friction

I think it’s possible to find places and tips on foursquare still, but the separation into swarm (and it crashing my first uses) makes it less about the exploration of tips, pictures, deals, and more into another facebook events with X people going.

Were there aspects of FourSquare that are like Swarm, certainly, the “Swarms” of large of events like Hothlanta or big baseball or football games with many friends.  I liked the points game board, even though I had stopped being actively considering of it.

Brought About Other Changes

Seeing the other changes in how FourSquare wanted to use my GPS was the final nail in the coffin (I can turn that off in my Android Rom Control) so I’ve deleted FourSquare and Swarm from my phone.

But.. I bet I’ll put it on again next time I go to Willy’s, because I know that they have a deal there.

How did you use FourSquare? Were you on the leaderboard? Did you set up a special for your location? Did you ever find new or old friends through it?