Amazon EC2 Regions Slow Speed Link

One thing that spoiled me at Pardot was using Softlayer as our hosting providing – a great thing that they do is have a private fiber line between each of their data centers. Setting up a possible contingency plan on Amazon OpsWorks, I found this wasn’t the case.

David and Sthithia set up Pardot so that in case of “nuclear strike” – or the more likely short blip where an entire datacenter goes offline, no Pardot data would be lost, and as importantly, this was a live replication that could be tested at any moment.

Setting up a second server on Amazon (our RDS was in N. Virginia) in Oregon for this geo-redundancy showed me the powers of traditional hosts and something Amazon needs to improve upon. Our tester was complaining about slowness on Oregon, confusing since it was a production environment and rails with the same m3.medium size server.

Anyway, once I diagnosed the issue and decided that changing the OpsWorks cookbooks for the slave were going to be much more trouble than just moving to a different AZ in Virginia.

What do you recommend? I figure that Heroku can’t handle this any better. Makes me miss Softlayer and Rackspace.


Here’s some marketing.

Free Ad for them not having this issue.
Free Ad for them not having this issue.
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