Ambiguous Beltline & Co

Last week, Tavani announced that he was leaving ScoutMob to start Beltline & Co, a new startup ~technology~ incubator located near the Atlanta Beltline at Ponce City Market.

He announced today that it needs a new name because of a cease and desist order from Atlanta Beltline Inc. – Somehow he and others in the community are surprised, especially surprising since trademark infringement concerns were the first comments on the CLatl and AJC posts.

Use Otherwhere

The Medium post makes it sound like “Beltline Bar & Grill”, “Beltline Electric”, and “Beltline Foot and Ankle” are somehow analogous to the ambiguous “Beltline & Co.”. They’re not, and if “Beltline & Co.” were named “Beltline Incubator & Co.”  or “Beltline Consumer Products” it would be distinguished from the generic beltline.

Think about SEO, which,  I’m sure is going to be a priority for recruiting startups to work out of the incubator. If I search for “Atlanta Beltline”, I’m sure that “Beltline & Co” would have used the word Atlanta – or be listed as “Atlanta’s Beltline & Co” in publishing such as Creative Loafing or The Ajc – How then, would Atlanta Beltline Inc distinguish itself, would I have to look for events on the Beltline by searching for “Atlanta Beltline walkway”? I don’t even know.

The surprise, the shaming, etc seem way overboard for something that was so obvious.

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