Commonwealth Dogecoin
Commonwealth Dogecoin (Photo credit: dilettantiquity)

Regrets. So, I had heard about bitcoin kind of early in its life. I had even installed a miner, but I had never learned about pools. If only I had let my computer successfully finish mining just a couple of BitCoin, it would have been nice for my bank account.

Well, now BitCoin is worth $800+ each and is in the news all of the time. And, it’s impossible with my tiny 4 core phenom processor and very consumer graphics card to mine them.

But, now, LiteCoin has taken off and with it, DogeCoin. I didn’t want to miss out while my computer could still mine them, so I got started just three or four weeks ago.


It’s Based on a Meme

That could be either good or bad, maybe it makes it more of a currency than an investment (like BitCoin has obviously become).
It’s a pretty silly meme too, apparently I don’t say Doge correctly.


The high transaction volume caused by the popular subreddit and tipping culture goes hand in hand with it being so cheap right now.

Early Signs of Increase in Value
The currency will change significantly in middle february when the reward for mining is halved.  I’ve also already seen the value go from $0.0002 to $0.0022 back down to $0.00017

Keep On Mining
I think that it’s neat to be involved and spending some extra cpu power (and electricity) just to ensure that in 3 years if it’s worth some money that it will be worth it. (The currency has a high limit though, so I Doubt it will ever be worth as much as bitcoin.) It’s also fun to tip people on reddit and twitter – and just talk about with others.

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