Kasim Reed at the Home Depot

English: Kasim Reed as State Senator and candi...
English: Kasim Reed as State Senator and candidate for Mayor of Atlanta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m currently working as a contractor at Home Depot at their Store Support Center, which allows me a bit of the large corporation access to events, whether it’s Falcons players and cheerleaders visiting, a farmers market selling food, or the corporate Political Action Committee presenting the Mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed.

Some context that I didn’t realize is that this is the Mayor’s re-election year, which explains why he had such a great chance to brag about some of his accomplishments, anyway, here are the key points he hit on:

  • Nobody talks about Charlotte like they do Atlanta.
  • Violent Crime in Atlanta is down 17%
  • Only 83 murders puts Atlanta in top 5 for capital cities
  • Hartsfield Jackson is definitely the world’s busiest airport
  • The Port Of Savannah being dredged to 47ft is of amazing importance.
  • He’s glad the dome is overwith
  • Loves the beltline
  • Investing during a recession worked out great
  • He hopes to be approachable to Atlanta citizens.
  • Kind of upset about the failure of TSplost, but sees the Federal Government giving more power to the city / counties than the state does for potential growth
  • Loves the Belt Line
  • He Talks with teh CEOs of GA Power, Home Depot, etc very often
  • Atlanta Schools will choose an All Star to stay accredited and build back a reputation
    They quickly fired the guy not responding to calls from the acreditation agencies.
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