Renewing Your Domain

In case you’re a regular reader that I somehow managed to not lose, I accidentally let my domain expire earlier this June.

  • Reminders

  • If only I had had reminders telling me my domain was going to expire. Oh wait, I get email reminders, but those are all filtered to an inbox I never read. Fail. So I think that I’ll have to add a google calendar reminder.
  • Buy For the Long Term

  • I’ve owned for 8 years without any issues because I bought it for 10 years. I ask myself, why didn’t I buy for a longer period of time?


I set this for auto-renew this time. I should go through and do this for any domain that I currently use.

Your Thoughts

Is even the right domain? Should I go with a .me. Is it weird that I don’t often like being called Steve/Steven in person or in email?

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