Disliking Traffic Police

I live in Atlanta, a city where the police response time is so bad that the last time I called the police with a thief in my yard, checking out my door locks (after breaking into the car next door) 911 was busy, then they put me on hold, then (after the guy had left) they said they’d call me back later…. they called me back 4 hours later.

We’re in Georgia, and we have mandatory concede the lane laws for officer safety. In the meantime, I see officers checking speeds in cars illegally pulled over to the center median¬†on 85 in Gwinnette – or lots of state patrol officers dangerously close to the lane (bridges, etc) with speed guns 85S near Moores Mill. If officer safety is important (and I believe it is)¬†WHY ARE THY ENDANGERING THEMSELVES?

It’s obvious that speed traps that we’ve missed the point. If officers were protecting us from truly dangerous drivers, then they wouldn’t sit in dangerous locations trying to catch somebody, they’d be driving amongst us, seeing the same bad drivers we change lanes away from or feel terrified when passing / being passed.

Who knows how many state patrol officers were trying to catch people with speed guns the night that burglar could have easily caused more property damage or threatened my life.