Marta Smarta :: Coffee Car

As talks continue about “Making Marta Smarta” one of the frequent, almost absurd ideas that I share with coworkers and friends is :

Marta Should Have a Coffee and Bar Car

Not that the North Springs or Doraville Stations don’t see use (they’re actually probably some of the most used stations thanks to AT&T, and their use is proven by 75% daily fullness of the North Springs lot.) But if Marta had coffee and a comfortable lounge car (think trains of the 19th century) it saves commuters 5-10 minutes a day and encourages relaxation on the train.

The Braves marketing works by being one of the first sports teams to have experience marketing, Marta can serve utility (which I highly encourage it do) or the experience.

* A great way to make the Marta experience better for locals and tourists would be better train queuing theory around events – particularly at the GA Dome / Phillips  stops.  Considering a large population of these spectators are staying at hotels near Peachtree Center, Airport, Civic Center etc – or are otherwise from North or South Atlanta, getting people one very short trip to 5 points would be key.

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