Pardot Acquired By SalesForce

Many of you know that I was an employee of Pardot until the end of 2012. I actually still maintain the GitHub project for the PHP Library and follow many of the company’s open source movements.

A big congratulations goes out to my colleagues and friends for seemingly “winning” “the startup game” by launching an awesome product and getting great adoption and profitability in 5 years – then being bought by a public company – and then being bought by a much larger public company. ┬áIn particular, David’s exit at the ET acquisition is leading to great things in Atlanta with the ATV.

A couple of things that the employees will get from SalesForce:

  • 15% discounted stock purchase program (this is a great way to continue investment, and offer a great incentive – the only problem is that you delay your paycheck for 6 month and have some uncertainty.
  • $1,000 Matched nonprofit matching. A great way for employees to get satisfaction from work is by feeling their altruism rewarded.
  • 401k matches increased to a much quicker match.

As @DHH portrayed, SalesForce buying Exact Target is a little bit strange, because ET has been running at a loss for 12 years – that’s a really long term loss (and it’s frankly surprising that their IPO went so well.

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