iOS interface complaints

A couple if weeks ago, I bought an iPad mini – partly because I was lacking a tablet, partly because I’m now developing for mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad.

The first thing that bothered me is the keyboard. Mostly because typing in a password is required to start installing apps.

The keyboard always displays as upper case. I see the designers’ point, a hardware keyboard is always uppercase, but there my fingers are less likely to be blocking the shift light, and I’m more likely to be touch typing. I like the validation that the letters changing case as I’m typing gives me.

No long touching for special characters. Some of my passwords or usernames have only 1-4 numbers or symbols in them, such that changing context to a new keyboard is extremely consuming. Android solves these problems with long touches. When I use a + @ and number for an email address, its a lot mote convenient for my brain if I don’t have to page 3 times.