To check out a new Javascript framework (Node based) and more importantly, the deployment process using Meteor.com I wrote a basic chat channel that could possibly be used like BackNoise.

Quibbler Screenshot
Quibbler : A quick chat Meteor experiment.


Technology Involved

Meteor is a nice NodeJS framework that has components like twitter bootstrap, push to page, miniMongo all managed through a a sort of package manager. I haven’t some of the new features like secure data (but that wasn’t needed for this application.)  The server side listens for a submit of text and repushes the page.

Meteor Deploy for hosting.

One aspect of NodeJS is that other than Heroku it’s relatively strange to set up a web server that you can trust – Nginx as a proxy often ruins the websockets used for push and Apache kind of ruins the succinctness of it.  The other aspect is that while Apache, IIS, and Nginx are considered capable for enterprise, even as proxy servers, your javascript node server is just not as vetted.

Deploying to the meteor servers for simple (insecure?) hosting was really easy w/ automatic GIT uploading through meteor deploy quibbler.meteor.com

Purpose of a Simple Chat App

First, I miss Keith McGregor’s Backnoise and it is a simple enough idea, NodeJs with push and a client miniMongo fits really well for receiving and pushing messages to all other users. Also, Startup Riot is coming up, so maybe it will be used.

But, I worry, I haven’t really posted a privacy / content policy on this as a project. What if people use it to be insulting as BackNoise once was – controlling content and keeping it classy – and more  importantly without death or terrorist threats — is a true threat to whether it can stay up.


Check it out 

and don’t post bad content.


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