Re: Those People

A friend posted a link to Seth Godin’s most recent blog post about a community college admissions officer talking about those people. Seth was there and surely heard more context, but with the little that he gave us, I refute him, Mike Rowe style. Should people go to community colleges, is it a good thing that they accept everybody, or are there those people who shouldn’t be going?

Seth mentions two aspects of a higher level education:

  • Leadership
  • Creativity

Frankly, I knew of students from some of the best ranked institutions in the nation who lacked those, and expressed no will to learn. Similarly, I’ve interviewed people who 10 minutes in, I could tell, had just ridden through high school, college, and life so far. College rarely teaches leadership, this is why resumes from Eagle Scouts, Athletes, Club Leaders, and workers stand out to me and the companies I work for.

To the other extent on Seth’s blog, Startup-U is based on the very concept that a college education is worse than 4 years of business leadership experience.

There are many skills that many of my college educated friends wish they knew. This summer,  building houses, I was impressed by a Bobcat pilot that could perfectly nudge materials with precise force and location. I’m the few of my friends who can work on their own car – so much that my friends know I can make solid suggestions based on sounds. Plumbing is another one of those things. I play poker with a Crane Operator who is famous in Atlanta. Manual Labor is important, it can be skilled, you can develop a niche, be famous, and make good money.

So, Are there Those People? Yes, does that make them worse off as Seth portrays or concludes? No.



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