The commute

One major factor of my career decision was my commute. As you’ve undoubtedly heard, I rode Marta every day to Pardot and believe that you can get around Atlanta without a car just fine – I did so for almost a year.

Finding a new job that offered this kind of location as a perk was going to be difficult, and when I visted Austin and interviewed there, the truth of it not being a connected city couldn’t have been more apparent. Well, Bluefletch is about 2 miles from the nearest Marta station, much closer by bus, but a short walk through the park and beltline are where it’s at.

But, when I have remote meetings or on really rainy days, I’m driving.


This is my commute on the belt line, I’m happy to be a part of the first adopters. (we also bike or walk to lunch occasionally on it)