Whats the Difference? Restaurant.com and Groupon

On Friday night, I used a Restaurant.com to The Highland Tap that I purchased for fractions on the dollar thanks to huge coupon codes that were done to sell more coupons. The meal was delicious, and $$24.50 off of a an $80 bill (I went with a friend) was substantial.

But what happened to Restaurant.com,

very few people have heard of it or used it, very few people probably know anybody who uses them. Most importantly, nobody recognizes it either positively or negatively, so maybe it is recognized negatively.

Are Your Partners Gimmicky?

I think a large part of it has to do with partnering with gimmicky companies. The last times I have heard somebody else talk about┬árestaurant.com has been between time share presentations and live demo car wax at a gas station. Of course, when you offer a product, how do you guarantee others won’t resell it?

How did Groupon PR Take Over?

  • Daily Deals
    By limiting offers at any given time instead of being a catalog of deals, they drive
  • Subscriptions
    You want prospects / customers to be repeat visitors, so, get them to sign up for communication.
  • Colorful, web 2.0 site
    The Groupon site is much easier navigate with large descriptive images.