New Job

As I hinted in my last post, I recently transitioned (or retired) from Pardot for a new career opportunity at Blue Fletch.

It’s about the people. I won’t be working in a technology that I’m particularly an expert at, but I met the guys at Blue Fletch through their LessMeeting startup at Microsoft’s azure incubation week about 3 years ago – we really bonded over technology, business ideas, and personality. I’ve also been a team member with one of the team at a Random Hacks Of Kindness and Startup Weekends. Beyond that, the “interview” process focused on personal goals for me and the members of the team.

The people of Pardot are one of its greatest assets.Specifically, the engineering team was full of bright, encouraging people, many whom I consider great personal friends and great coders. From a startup community perspective though,  I was often part of the few going (sponsoring and hosting) to hackathons, speaking, and other community events. As a now much larger company, it was becoming more difficult for me to be in tune with others’ personal interests and goals – and I can only assume, them, mine.

Ultimately, this smaller, closer company provides the same idea of great people that Pardot has, but in a tighter knit group that I think will help me grow. In terms of events, involvement, and new ideas and projects, my first week was already a great success.