Diving Curaçao

I’m in a career transition after working at Pardot for almost 3 years (from 22 people to 1500 after acquisition) to a new technology position at a smaller company once again.

So I Went to the Beach

After my brother got his Scuba Open Water Certification in Curacao and reported awesome dives – and more than a year after getting my certification and not going diving anywhere but a local lake* since – I wanted to go diving. *Lake Martin had pretty good visibility and there we dove a wreck. So I had a little more than a week to enjoy some traveling.

One issue is that my normal Scuba buddies still had work, and I didn’t exactly give notice for them to take off, so the first thing I did was find a dive shop with guided dives. I found Relaxed-guided-dives.com that does shore dives as a family shop. It was exactly what they offered, in addition to the advantage of me not needing to drive to every dive site. I did 4 dives:

Lagun (Blue)

Picturesque Beach of the Lagun
Picturesque Beach of the Lagun

If you can’t tell from the picture, this beach was absolutely amazing. The buildings to the right are a resort for diving with 6 rooms, I might try to stay there next time.

This was an easy dive with no currents and beautiful coral, you basically go out and go to the right and you will find a collection of fish and wonderful coral. A lot of pipe coral, blue fish and more.

Playa (Beach)

This was my shore dive with a current and waves, the guide instructed me to put my flippers on quickly and then float out.  Purple and red piper coral was all around here. I saw some rainbow looking fish.  This was a nice 43 minute dive.

The Superior Producer

After seeing how calm and relaxed I was after the first two dives, my guide recommended that I go with her husband, an advanced diving instructor, to a dive a bit deeper to see a sunken ship known as the Superior Producer. The Superior was a cargo ship of manufactured blue  jeans that sunk shortly after leaving harbor (in fact, it’s just to the right of the cruise pier).

There was a strong 3 knot current and the guide figured it out really well, we entered in a strong current and a rocky shore and swam into the current until we went under, when we went with the current to the front of the boat. The current pushed us along the boat, but by exploring the cargo hold, we were able to avoid it and not be constantly swimming. We saw many lionfish and much larger fish, along with swimming past a relatively large cliff filled with coral. The colors were deeper at this dept, but visibility was still absolutely amazing.

West Point

2013-01-05 10.21.39
West Point Beach

This beach is located past the mount Christophle on the island and is common for fishing (our dive line actually temporarily got wrapped around a line), but it was great after the current at the superior as a relaxing dive.  We explored the cliffs, saw some sea turtles, and had a great time.