My First Megabus Ride

Yesterday, the day after Christmas, I took my first trip via MegaBus. I have family in Birmingham, Al and the solo trip of driving 3 hours is something that I do not wish on my car or myself. So, some of my “hipster” friends have been talking about MegaBus.

Megabus in Los Angeles
Megabus in Los Angeles (Photo credit: LA Wad)
  • Pick up / Drop Off in City Center
  • $19 is approximately single car fuel costs
    (@ $3.30/gallon * (180/30)
  • Was Quick
    My bus trip actually only took 2 hours and 30 minutes (great timing)

Other advantages include free wifi and standard ┬ábus quality seats. (Yes, I got a crick in my neck from sleeping – and the wifi was a bit slow, but I blame my evo 4g LTE more than a little for that.

But what would make more sense than a bus? Well, there is a train track that connects Birmingham to Atlanta, it’s very straight, but Amtrak charges $39 for it, the trip takes longer, and last I checked, Amtrak didn’t have free wifi.

Would you rather drive or be a passenger for 3 hours?

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