Per Mile Tax Instead of Gas Tax

Gas costs update
Gas costs update (Photo credit: swanksalot)

Posting this originates from the State of Washington wondering if implementing a per mile tax to help an ailing gas tax. The State of Georgia is facing similar issues with a DOT that wasted extra revenue and wants to maintain a low gas tax.

  • Dis-Incentivizes Fuel Efficient Vehicles
  • Hides the increased costs of inefficient Vehicles
    Vehicles requiring more fuel weigh more and take up more road
  • Misses on Transportation and Out of State Vehicles
    Shipping goods between different states, clearly your company should not be registered in Washington.
  • Requires additional mileage reporting (that can be inaccurate, leading to litigations, court, etc)
  • One more check, it’s not integrated.

Is a Gas Tax less complex than a per mile tax? Are the taxes just duplicitous?  Which way would you rather pay? How do you tax short range 100% electric vehicles?

Of course, the decrease in gas tax revenue isn’t just from fuel efficiency; with 2008, US drivers are driving fewer miles – affecting poor bets that legislators have made just the same as real estate appreciation being guaranteed.


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