The Digital vs Real; Bike Accidents

One concept I helped work with today is based on‘s emergency response cards, that also help bicyclists know about laws in their locale that matter. The pitcher of the idea really wanted it to still offer a sponsor message, and link back to to recommended lawyers, but in the end, I started thinking about my bicycle accidents.

For one “serious” bicycle accident, I was riding across the 10th street bridge, when a vehicle decided to cut me off to get on the highway, whether they saw me before the light contact with their rear quarter panel is something I wonder (it was an SUV):

  • It knocked me off my bicycle
  • They paused, but, drove off as I got my bike off of the street
  • I was upset, but had places to be; my wheel was barely deformed that would require minimal wrench time.
  • I had a “not-smart” phone w/o a camera

For my accident this July, no car was involved, but it was much more serious

  • First thought was if I could walk it off.
  • I found a neighbor as quickly as possible
    (Yes, I knocked on a random person’s door and asked them to call 911)
  • I used my smart phone to tell others that I was going to the hospital.
  • I got the name and the address of the neighbor I went to and told my family on a call; I did not type it on my smartphone


This aligns with some societal issues:

  • Do we trust our neighbors to act in cases of emergency
  • Are we prepared to help others in cases of emergency
  • Would we rather talk to people or text/email them.
  • Is knowing the laws, with quick access to a lawyer making the world a better place or more troublesome.

But more importantly, for smart phone usability

  • Do we download an app for everything we “might” need?
    I don’t have my car insurance app, I do have an insurance card and pen in my glovebox.
  • Does information submitted to a  app work as evidence.
  • If you are focusing on getting to an app, are you forgetting more important things in cases of emergency
    Like contacting the police, calling an ambulance, getting your bike/car out of the street, or treating shock.
  •  If I have an app, but need a witness to fill it out, are they going to use my phone to fill it out?