Random Hacks of Kindness Dec 2012 Preview

This weekend, Pardot is sponsoring Random Hacks of Kindness in Atlanta. This will be my third time participating.

At the Barrelhouse happy hour discussion, they key part is brainstorming ideas, here are some that people contributed:

  • A Guide Dog Device
    Help Guide a guide dog, giving the blind an additional tool for navigation.
    Based on a phone and arduino that vibrates to indicate to the guide left or right.
  • MessageCarrier for Android
  • Marta Bus Reviews
    (of staff and patrons) help report problems to MARTA so that they can create solutions
  • Bathroom Mapper
    My friend Stevie runs http://shitr.com and this would be an extension for countries where bathrooms are not readily expectable.

If you’re free Saturday and Sunday, you should come too. What projects do you want to work on?